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Why conventional GITT fails; how to fix it

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Our work explaining exactly why conventional GITT (Galvanostatic Intermittent Titration Technique) measurements do not work as intended has been published in The Journal of Electrochemical Society. Part I walks you through a careful analysis of the conventional measurements reported in the literature. It leads to a proposal on how to fix the problem. Part II experimentally demonstrates the proposed method.

Problems fall under two categories. First, the electroanalytical method itself relies on many assumptions that are not justified in most measurements we see in the literature. Second, the porous electrode kinetics is often not limited by solid-state diffusion. Then, the results end up representing other distributed processes rather than diffusion.

Our measurements using bulk samples (ensuring diffusion-limitation) reveal previously unreported features, so we encourage you to check out the papers!

If you are also interested in how chemical diffusion (the process measured by GITT) relates to other diffusion coefficients, please check out this other post explaining the types of different diffusivities.