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Why make a research website?

Having a personal research website always sounded like the right idea. Besides the obvious upsides, I thought it would provide an opportunity to fill the gap between textbooks and journal papers. There’s a fair amount of fundamental knowledge that doesn’t really get covered in classes, not “new enough” to get published in papers, but still essential in doing research. When these small but vital things go misunderstood and start to create confusion in the literature, I wonder how we could do better as a scientific community. How do we encourage everyone to spend more time thinking about really basic stuff?

With the publish or perish culture prevalent in academia today, it has become challenging for junior researchers to sit down and revisit their very basic foundations. It’s the type of problem that feels a bit like a knotted yarn hopelessly waiting to be untangled. But I’d still like to try, and maybe this website could be a start for something good. This is why I have made a “Teaching” category. My knowledge is limited, but I might learn in the process. Even if it’s just one student that learns a thing from my post, I’d be happy. By saying this out loud, I have just created some pressure on my procrastinating future self.

Obviously, I’ll try to update more than just Teaching posts. Perhaps some additional thoughts about my papers, or comments of how my knowledge has evolved since publication. Let’s see how this goes.

Post date: Jul. 12, 2020
Last modified: Jul. 12, 2020

Photo Credit: Sasin Tipchai