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To Start at Seoul National University as Faculty

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I am thrilled to announce that, this Fall, I will be starting at Seoul National University in Korea (my alma mater). As a faculty member of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, my first class to teach will be on the electronic properties of materials, essentially a solid-state physics class tuned for a materials science audience. On the research side, I plan to work on kinetics and transport problems related to energy storage, perhaps expanding to liquid systems (electrolytes or catholytes/anolytes). I also hope to get back into semiconductor transport research, but it might take some time. Lab-related updates will be posted in a separate web site, although I don’t have that website online yet (the address will be

It has been an incredibly fun time in the Chueh group at Stanford, where I started as a postdoc and stayed for a bit as a Senior Staff Scientist. I really appreciate all the great people who made research so much fun at Stanford. I hope I can create a similarly exciting experience for the future members of my new lab.